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Tattoo ~ Care —

Here at Hollywood Mark Tattoo we use a spray bandage (pleister spray) to bandage your tattoo. After your tattoo has been sprayed it will be covered and protected for about two days so all you have to do is wash it twice a day (once in the morning and once at night) using only soap and water. Just use soap that you normally use for your hands and face or, if you take a shower you can use your normal shower gel.

Do not at any time use Vaseline or any other medication or creams – just soap and water. After about two days your spray bandage will start to wear off and it will look like your skin is pealing. At this time continue to wash it two times a day but now you can apply some mild body lotion once a day (but use lotion with no perfume, coloring or alcohol) Nivea is fine. Follow this procedure for two weeks and during this time no sun, tanning bed, swimming pools, ocean water or sauna.

Also, don’t take any advice from ‘experts’ in bars, clubs or cafes. If you have any questions at all just give us a call at the shop: 020 428 4860.

We will be happy to answer any concerns you have, even if your tattoo was not made by us at Hollywood Mark Tattoo.

Thanks for choosing us.

Best – Hollywood Mark Tattoo